Keep out the Zombies 
and other unwanted guests,
with the Zombie-Bar Door Barricade Kit ® 


Residential home security includes protecting yourself and your property from the threat of home invasion or burglary.  The most effective way to secure your home is at the most vulnerable “point of entry.”  For home invasions this is usually the front door to the home or apartment.  Burglars typically enter your residence through a side garage door by way of a simple door-kick.


Industrial strength lag bolts screw directly into the door frame for ultimate security protection.  

Specially designed spacers protect your door trim and are pre-drilled to match the open and closed steel bracket system.


The Zombie-Bar kit was initially developed as a direct result of one of our elderly parent's home being forcibly invaded.  One evening around midnight, unknown subjects used a simple kick to force open the side garage door.  We looked for a better, low cost, way to make their home more secure.  We investigated other commercially available door security products and came away unimpressed. There had to be a better and less expensive way to secure a door that was easy to install and make it extremely difficult for someone to enter your home.

Common doorlocks and deadbolts will not keep out someone determined to gain entry into your home.  The most difficult homes for burglars to force entry into are those that use a bar to barricade the door and are secured into the studs of the door frame.  

A 4 ft 2 x 4 requires 317 lbs of sustained force/energy to break.  A simple kick or shoulder blow to the outside of a door secured with a barricade bar on the other side will not allow easy access.  It takes repeated blows with a metal door breaching device to generate the required force necessary to gain entry.  More often than not you will have to destroy the door itself before the barricade collapses.  The Zombie-Bar kit is a cost effective and simple solution to securing the entry doors of your home or apartment.  The wood bar (purchased separately) is easily removed from its brackets when not in use.  If you move, it can be disassembled and taken with you to your new home.  

The Zombie-Bar kit will help keep your family safe.  This is a product we use every day in our own homes!  We do not leave our residences, or go to bed at night, without the Zombie-Bar in its place.