Keep out the Zombies, 
and other unwanted guests,
with the Zombie-Bar®

              only $65.99

The point of entry for most residential burglaries occurs at the side exterior garage door.  Burglars often gain entry in the home by way of a simple, but powerful, forced door kick.  The Zombie-Bar security barricade is simple, very effective, and economical. The Zombie-Bar can also be installed on any exterior door to prevent or delay entry during a home invasion or burglary.  Some of our customers use the Zombie-Bar to create an interior "safe room" . Feel confident you are receiving an exceptional home security product recommended by professional law enforcement officers.

Our customers to date include: homeowners, apartment renters, school administrators, single men and women, college students, dual income parents, disaster preppers, shop owners, safe room designers, and senior citizens. Tragically many of our customers purchase the Zombie-Bar only after experiencing the devastation and horror of a residential burglary or home invasion.  Please take a proactive step for your safety by drastically minimizing your chance of becoming a victim with the Zombie-Bar home security barricade.